Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for Employee Enablement!

Optimized LXP for your Employee Enablement

Datango LXP provides a digital adoption solution optimized for organizations who are looking to take the best things from UPK enhanced by text to speech, a Learning Management System for structured learning, the capability to build eLearning within the toolset, and datango Live! – an application performance support solution that is advanced, modernized, and not tied to a specific application – performance support for all your applications


With Datango, you can create easy-to-understand content that enables your employees to familiarize themselves with new software quickly and intuitively. In one application suite you get an authoring and documentation solution, a Learning Management System, and in-application support content for your users at the moment of need.

One Knowledge Management Tool, many possibilities


Authoring and documentation solution

With the creator as an optimized authoring and documentation solution, you can create individual e-Learning content in seconds at the push of a button and adapt it to different requirements. This allows you to achieve targeted training for your employees and rely on professional documentation to do so.


Learning Management System

The collaborator is a Learning Management System that enables you to provide digital learning content via a central platform and to organize the collaboration with authors (learning content creators), operations leadership, and the training department.


Context-Sensitive Live Help

Do you want to support your users individually in their daily work and train them in-house? Make your content available using context recognition directly in the live system and convey the necessary know-how at the "moment-of-need".

Simple – Quick - Easy



  • Datango converts your UPK files in minutes
  • Converted into fully editable files for easy maintenance
  • Files converted to your new branding matching your newly created content
  • Deliver in-application help to your users int hier moment-of-need

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